Eheringe – Unikatschmuck for an old love

18 Mrz 2014, by Dianne McFarlane in Allgemein

Der Prozess, wie Eheringe entstehen können

A really special job – wedding rings for a couple who have been together for 17 years, have three children and have just decided to marry. So these rings needed to express their history together so far as well as the vows they were now making. I cast an ingot of silver from which both rings were forged. Then I fused the rings together so they are a whole – no beginning and no end. The surface was reticulated (roughened with fire). The clients then came in and decided which parts were to be polished flat so the rings symbolised the rough and the smooth of their lives together. When that was done they came back and decided where the stones should be set – two rough diamonds to symbolise each other and three coloured sapphires to represent their children. The sapphires were set on the outside of her ring and on the inside of his (thank you to Rada, my brilliant stone setter!). A really satisfying job.


  • helinn Antworten

    What absolutely delightful jewellery!

    • Dianne McFarlane Antworten

      Thank you so much!